Maness Quarter Horses

Our Mares

Oh Glorious Deah

Glori is a 1994 palomino Paint.  We ride and show Glori showmanship, huntseat and western pleasure.  She has had two foals, Andi and Millie.

 Glori's Pedigree:


Designed By Clu

LuLu is a 2005 roan Quarter Horse.  She has been shown halter and has one foal, Dillon out of Buckeye.

 LuLu's Pedigree:


Impressive Showgirl

Millie is a 2008 chestnut Paint.  She was shown halter for a few years and is now being ridden.


Millie's Pedigree:


Super Sexy Playgirl

Chunky is a 2008 chestnut Appendix Quarter Horse.  She is out of Buckeye and Fancy. She is shown in halter.  She is a AQHA Halter Point Earner and was 2012 and 2013 AQHA Reserve Champion Halter Mare at the NC State Fair.


Chunky's Pedigree:


Our Geldings

Zips Last Hotshot

Boss is a 2005 palomino Quarter Horse.  He is shown in halter, showmanship and does some riding.  He was an orphan foal at 3 days old after his dam, Piggy passed away, but he had another mother, Merri Ann waiting to raise him.

Boss' Pedigree:


Merri and Boss' Story is below (This story appeared in the Mane Points Magazine):

Boss and Merri Ann story.doc

Merri and Boss update.doc



Merri's Pride and Joy

PJ was born in 1988.  His mother is Merri Ann whom he resembles in physical character and personality.  He taught many, many kids how to ride over the years and carried many kids to 1st places in shows.  He still enjoys toting the little ones around at the farm and even at a few shows.  But, mainly he is now living the easy life enjoying his retirement which he has earned!


 Pictures of Merri and PJ as a baby!

Merri and PJ doing pleasure pairs which they were great at!


 Merri and PJ at their last show together in 2003.


Leos Blu Eyed Hotshot

Andi is a 2006 cremello Paint.  Andi was shown halter as a yearling and is now being ridden.

Andi's Pedigree:

Coosas Melody

Turd is a 1997 sorrel Quarter Horse.  He has the fun job of taking care of the herd.  He goes out with all of the girls and boys and even the babies.  He is the babysitter of the herd. 

Turd's Pedigree:



Mr Dream Designer

Dillon is a 2010 Quarter Horse gelding out of LuLu and Buckeye.  He is a beautiful, flashy buckskin that has been shown halter and riding.  He now does huntseat and jumps some.  He is a great family horse so we are very excited to have him in our family.